Yashim’s Istanbul Cook Book – latest!

Earlier this year, many of you generously volunteered to test a recipe for Yashim’s Istanbul Cook Book. All over the world, from Albania to Alabama, readers tried out some of Yashim’s favourite Ottoman dishes, and came back with really helpful – and mostly enthusiastic – comments.

I had intended to publish the cook book myself, and I boldly declared that it would be out this Summer, in time for Yashim’s last outing in The Baklava Club, the fifth of his Istanbul adventures.

It’s not. The Baklava Club is out – here in the US

The gorgeous US edition

The gorgeous US edition

And here in the UK and elsewhere…

The UK/Commonwealth edition

The UK/Commonwealth edition

…but Yashim’s Istanbul Cook Book is still on the stocks, waiting for suitably beautiful illustrations. Full colour printing is nowadays so cheap, and accessible, that it would be a shame to allow this opportunity for gorgeously illustrating Yashim’s world to slip by. So I’m using food photos, of course, but also some street shots, and wonderful old engravings and illustrations, to make the book doubly delicious.

Sweet Waters of Asia

Sweet Waters of Asia



Thank you for your patience: I’ll let you know as soon as the proofs are done, and the book is ready for publication.

In the meantime, do follow @jsn_goodwin on Twitter, and Jason Goodwin, author, on Facebook, for more recipes, food and travel ideas, and Ottoman paraphernalia…


Finally, for those of you on Kindle, The Janissary Tree is on special offer right now, at 99p/$1.49. Please let your friends know,  if you think they might enjoy the series: it’s an easy way in.

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  1. Jeanie Stearns

    So glad you’re taking the time to go for excellent visuals in the cookbook. I’ve gazed so often at the print at the top of your web page, thinking “Yes, THAT is the Istanbul I’d like to go to!”


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