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The Janissary Tree – starter pack?

A few weeks ago I sat next to a banker at dinner. Every day he downloads a new book on Kindle at 99p, or $1.49. Sounds tawdry? Yet some of the books offered at that price are classics. Over the past few months he had been offered some of the great sci-fi novels of the past at an absurdly cheap one-day-only price.

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Inevitably he sold me on the idea of making at least one of my books – docketed as historical fiction, or historical thrillers – available in the same way. The Baklava Club, the fifth – and final – Yashim story, is out in in the US and will come out in early July in the UK. What better way, he said, to encourage people into the series than to offer them The Janissary Tree, the first Yashim story, as an amuse bouche…?

Jean Leon Gerome's finest work - Arnaut and his dog.

Jean Leon Gerome’s finest work – Arnaut and his dog.

So that’s exactly what we have done. FSG in the States and Faber in London have knocked SPOTS off the price of the Kindle edition for what the retailers call a limited time only.

Why not?

If you are in the US, it’s here at $1.49

And for UK readers, it is here at 99p