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    1. jasongoodwin

      Thank you, Kirstin – a lovely filip! More on the way: Yashim’s next adventure will be out next Summer. And there is a short(ish) story to release, maybe sooner. Meanwhile I find myself writing a novel that is trying to turn itself into a cookery book, so I suspect it will be both at once. J

  1. James

    Hey there, Jason Goodwin. I read Greenback during a trip and really enjoyed it. I kept thinking that it’s ripe for an update. There are so many parallels between the history of the dollar and the crazy financial dealings that precipitated the recent crash.

  2. Marketta Marsh

    I have read all the Yashim stories and loved them. Will anticipate the next one with pleasure. They have made me wish to visit Istanbul and I hope to go there very soon.

  3. David

    I really like the Yashim series. I wish I could find Lord of the Horizons in Italian, but unfortunately it is impossible to find any new copy…hope they will print again soon!


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