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Eat well, save money…read on!

If you use olive oil in the sort of quantity I use it, you’ll be pleased to know that my friend George Tsatsos has just launched an online olive oil delivery shop.


George’s background is in the cement industry, but he’s also a Greek who loves good food so I’m inclined to trust him when he says:

This is the result of our search for the best extra virgin olive oil in Greece, which brought us to the region of Ancient Epidavros, in the northern Peloponnese, where we now package olive oil on site at the olive press, ensuring that what we provide is in its purest form. We take great pride in the quality of our oil and hope to contribute towards making everyone’s food a bit more healthy and tasty. It has extremely low acidity (under 0,4% – Extra Virgin has to be under 0,8%).

I like to think of George’s search for the best oil and I rather wish I had been able to join him on it. Meanwhile, he is selling 3 litre cartons of the green gold for £29.99. The oil comes in a box which contains an aluminium-coated bag – like a wine box. Not as fun as a handsome tin but, I suppose, more practical.

Readers of this blog can get it for 10% less by using the promotional code P2755 at the website

How, you ask, can you ever repay me for introducing you to such a wonderful extra virgin oil, with a discount thrown in? Well, now is as good a time as any to complete the set.

If you have all four Istanbul thrillers, don’t forget your friends this Christmas. And enjoy George’s olive oil!