The Magic Carpet Tour 1

Calling all readers in the USA – and their friends and relations, and the relations and friends and acquaintances of their friends &c.

When you read a historical mystery by Jason Goodwin, you take a magic carpet ride to the most exotic place on earth.” So Marilyn Stasio wrote sweetly in The New York Times.

Well, in April I’m going to take a Magic Carpet ride myself, to the exotic regions of America’s South and West, talking and signing and generally spouting in bookstores and radio stations, and I’d like to meet everyone I can while I’m there. It’s to coincide with the publication of An Evil Eye (Yashim no. 4) but I’m going to be travelling with my son, Izzy, on his first big away and the first time in America. Being 17 and a guitar and fiddle boy, he’s got his own ideas about, say, Jackson, Mississippi. I think: Old Hickory. He thinks: Robert Johnson. It will be fun.

Jackson (the 6th), then Oxford, Mississippi; Mobile, Alabama, on the 8th; New Orleans next day. Then – and this is the great bit, because we’re driving much of it – we’ll do a Thelma and Louise to reach Austin around the 12th. Houston on the 15th, then San Diego, LA a while, San Fransisco on the 21st, where we’ll be a few days, before Portland, Oregon and Powell’s Bookstore on the 26th.

The bookstore readings should be lively: to judge from past appearances it’ll be conversation which might roam over history v historical fiction, the Ottoman Empire, the Middle East, novel-writing, characters… and this time a few thoughts on the blues, jazz,  and where to find the best grub in the South.

See you there!

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  1. Joseph

    Mr. Goodwin,
    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all your novels in the last few months and just finished Lords of the Horizon. I’ve been awe-struck by the sheer complexity of Ottoman society, culture, and government and have relished the opportunity to learn more about a period that has been a dark spot in my historical knowledge (I’m a history major). I don’t know how busy your schedule is but if you ever have the time I would love to exchange some correspondence with you concerning some questions I have about Ottoman history. If not then I will just be happy just to read the next Investigator Yashim mystery. Thanks!

  2. anne

    What a pity you are not coming East on this trip. Maybe next time. I have very much enjoyed your books, starting with the Janissary Tree. I too am a Cambridge graduate although I was there much earlier than you when the colleges were still single sex. Are you likely to be coming back across the pond only to the New York area any time soon?

    1. thebellinicard Post author

      There are no plans as yet for NYC, but I hope there’ll be another chance in the near-ish future. This tour is so long, I may hade to settle,back a bit and get on with Yashim Number 5!
      Incidentally, I’m keeping a blog about the Magic Carpet Tour – haven’t decided yet whether to create a new blog site, or put it on here. What do you suggest? I’m doing it for the Daily Telegraph, too, on their site. Hmmm.


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