Get Yashim’s cooking on Kindle – free here!

We thought this would be fun for Yashim mystery fans – a mini e-book with some new recipes from Yashim’s kitchen.

You can download it here for free – provided you aren’t in the UK. An Evil Eye comes out in Britain on July 7th, so there’s some sort of embargo. Don’t blame me.

If you enjoy it, do pass it along so that everyone can have a go!

0 thoughts on “Get Yashim’s cooking on Kindle – free here!

  1. jay

    i enjoyed the cooking as much as the story line – however, i don’t have kindle, don’t want kindle, but should like the recipes – unfortunately this seems to be impossible – or is it?
    please continue writing!

    1. thebellinicard Post author

      Jay, You can apparently download the Kindle app to your computer. It’s free. Get the ebook and print it out? Good luck.

  2. TerriO

    Was able to get Cooking with Yashim after downloading the Kindle for Mac – for free – Yipee!! Now, I wonder where the recipes are that were on your website before this new and improved one. Of course, I could probably re-read the books a third time, and get the recipes that way! Yashim urged me to visit Istanbul – and I did, last November – what a GREAT city, and what great people! Upon my return, I re-read all three books a 2nd time – more adventures than the first read! And the Bellini Card was SUCH fun since I had already been to Venice several times (for a week each time), and knew most of the places mentioned! I also noticed the Brunetti / Brunelli similarity – the dawning was such fun! GOOD JOB!!! I think there was another person in Bellini that was “related” to another police or gendarme person – ? Am almost finished with An Evil Eye – and will go back and re-read it immediately since there are so many twists and turns. Thank you SO much, Jason, for giving us Yashim!!

  3. Jason A Bean

    A completely minor question but did Yashim actually get a chance to enjoy any of the meals he cooked in ‘An Evil Eye’? I remember him cooking a lot (and I myself had a craving for mackerel long after I finished the book) but he seemed to keep getting interrupted and/or losing his appettite most of the time. Perhaps he enjoyed his meals off-page?


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