Writing – or idling?

This morning, after the usual flurry of sending the children off to school, I found myself still in pyjamas and so I got back into bed, to read a bit, and maybe think.

Kate, just about to do a school run herself, didn’t think it looked much like work. Her whole attitude bristled with suspicion. Which raises the question of what, exactly, writing does look like.

I suppose St Jerome is the proper model.

But later, perched Jerome-like in front of my screen, I happened to come across this lovely literary blog, with a review of Lords of the Horizons, at http://tinylibrary.blogspot.com/2011/02/lords-of-horizons-by-jason-goodwin.html

To the casual observer, I was by then at work, like our saint here. But actually I was just messing about.

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  1. Sidney

    Your post reminded me of a great story about Sinclair Lewis. Seeing him constantly in his chair, staring off into space and apparently idle, his wife threatened to divorce him if he didn’t start working! Of course, his daydreaming was part of his creative process. (Although one might be advised to do it when significant others are not looking).

    Thanks for your link to the Tiny Library!


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