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The US edition of An Evil Eye, the latest Yashim adventure, comes out in paperback on February 28th. To mark the event, the first person to get the right answers to three questions wins two signed copies of An Evil Eye – one for them and one, maybe, for a friend! Everyone’s welcome to have a go, wherever they are in the world.

The questions are:

1. The Valide Sultan, the sultan’s mother and Yashim’s old friend, was born and raised a long way from the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. Question is – where?

2. Stanislaw Palewski, the Polish ambassador, is lucky enough to have an adoring – and resourceful – housekeeper. What is her name?

3. And finally, Yashim cooks plenty of meals in the course of his investigations. Dishes like stuffed mussels, or tiny eggplants filled with spiced lamb, or vine leaves wrapped around aromatic rice, can be eaten as snacks, or meze, and have a generic name which indicates that they are stuffed. What are they called?

Just type your answers in the reply box below, and hit ‘Post Comment’. The winner will be chosen on March 1st.

Good luck!

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  1. Robert Bole

    Just saw that I was too late! Ah, well…nice bit of audience engagement. Just finished the last book after a long plane ride back to DC and looking forward to trying the Stuffed Mackerel dolma.

    Also love the cook book idea, or at least something that could be a dedicated place on the blog. Do note that there are a lot of literate cookbooks published by FSG…so perhaps there might be some opportunity to work with another author. Make it a bit of a travel/cookbook.

    Lastly, just finished On Foot to the Golden Horn…it made my feet tired just reading it. Did feel that it sounded miserable half of the time, but there were those moments of radiance.

    Good luck in all of your projects!


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