Port Eliot Festival

Getting ready to cook a pilaff, with uskumru dolmasi, or mackerel stuffed with nuts and spices!

0 thoughts on “Port Eliot Festival

  1. Matty Gallagher

    Hi Jason,

    I am studying for an MA in Journalism at City University. We’ve been asked to do a book review with author interview from ‘someone interesting’ (not Katie Price!).

    My parents are into Yashim the Eunuch and say it’s informative/captivating so I’m going to read the The Janissary Tree, then review it. Would you be kind enough to spare 20 mins over the phone after I’ve read it?

    Thanks, Matty.

  2. Joan wood

    Hi, just to say have decovered you books, read Bellini Card first as we visited venice last year,and also Montenegro, and thought it looked fascinating reading! How right I was, though the first few pages I found difficult to get into, but then it was magic, so many thanks


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