Order, order

Over the course of the Istanbul series of Yashim novels it’s inevitable that new readers will begin to discover them in random order – which is why, like JK Rowling, I make sure the characters are re-introduced in each book, subtly enough (I hope) that regular readers won’t be bored.

Here is the Yashim hit-list (linked to Amazon.com) in strict order of appearance:

1. The Janissary Tree

2. The Snake Stone

3. The Bellini Card

4. An Evil Eye

A fifth, provisionally entitled The Latin Reader, is currently entertaining me each day…

Image This is Gentile Bellini’s 1501 Turkish Painter, in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston

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  1. Marylis Sevilla-Gonzaga

    After reading “An Evil Eye,” I decided to re-read all the Yashim novels so far, and found them just as fascinating and entertaining the second time around. I also longed to re-read “Lord of the Horizons” but I had lent that to a friend a few years ago and never got it back. I have it on my Amazon shopping cart again, since I’ve found I can’t be without it.
    A chance visit to Istanbul have whetted my appetite to learn more about that city and Ottoman/Turkish history in general. If you can recommend some books, I would be grateful—but please don’t interrupt work on the new Yashim story. Am eagerly looking forward to it.

    Many many thanks for your wonderful books.

    1. jasongoodwin Post author

      Thank you for your wonderful message – I’m relieved the stories worked properly second time round! As for books, I’d recommend Norman Stone’s Turkey: A Short History ; anything by John Freely that seems to cover the right ground; Philip Mansel’s Constantinople, City of the World’s Desire; for the earlier Byzantine period, I’d suggest John Julius Norwich’s Byzantium. There are loads more. If I think of other ones I’ll let you know. best wishes Jason


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