Lemuria Bookstore, Jackson Mississippi

Is where the US Magic Carpet Tour for April 2011 is kicking off. I’ll be there on 6th April at 5.30 pm for reading and talking and signing. Come along – and send your friends, too!

The whole tour is a celebration of the independent bookstores of America, the people who make an effort to put new books in front of their readers, who know their stuff, care about what’s read, and create the proper atmosphere in their own stores. This is the week, after all, that the giant bookseller Borders filed for bankruptcy.

Lemuria fits the bill – and here’s a link to their thoughtful blog about the very future of books:


0 thoughts on “Lemuria Bookstore, Jackson Mississippi

  1. david hamilton

    applause for your usa adventure (reported in london telegraph), both for you & son. you’ve left out david lindsey (houston) and tony hillerman (navajo territories) as masters of geography in their crime fictions. plus, it was gertrude stein, commenting on her home town, oakland ca, and not dorothy parker on los angeles, who said ‘there’s no there there.’ it’s a long way from l.a. to oakland and nearly as great a distance from parker to stein. equally, the texas dirt-farm field blues travelled east to the delta, where the money was, and maybe your boy will see that too. great luck to you both.

    1. thebellinicard Post author

      Thanks for the correction, David! And I’ll check out your sugestions pronto. best Jason


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