Free book!

Phew! Just letting everyone (and everyone’s wife, husband, child, neighbour) know that my first book, The Gunpowder Gardens: Travels through India and China in Search of Tea, is available on Kindle for free this weekend.

The weather looked a bit dodgy, so I thought I’d give the book away instead of doing the garden…

Download it – share it – and if you enjoy it, please don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon…

0 thoughts on “Free book!

  1. Aldo Matteucci

    Thanks – I’d downloaded it already. Can’t rememeber if I paid something for it. Too hot to handle at the moment – 32°C in the shade…

  2. alexandarbodrum

    I tried clicking on the Amazon link for the US and all I got was an offer to purchase the book at regular Kindle price, or borrow it if I am a ‘prime’ member. Is that what Jason intended?

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