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What happens when the book comes out? Exactly. The Bellini Card went on sale this week, and garnered its first reviews: Jeremy Jehu in The Telegraph writes today that ‘a pervading sense of loss and decline suffuse these rich romps with melancholy intelligence.’ 

I like the Literary Review’s angle, too, not least because The Bellini Card takes us to Venice – and Venice is notoriously hard to tackle. After all, everyone’s written about the place, from Dickens to Casanova, from Henry James to Jan Morris. 

‘Goodwin’s prevous books took us into the alleys and byways of nineteenth century Istanbul. This is an equally vivid and well-informed account of Venice in 1840 .. the plot is lively and interesting: but the real delight in this book is the atmospheric portrait of a fascinating place.’ 

In the meantime I get a call about putting the stories on screen. Hmm, why not?

Then again, who plays Yashim?

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  1. Giorgia

    Ooooh! I soooo knew that was going to happen!!! I actually wrote a blog post a few months ago about that – I mean about “who could play Yashim if they made movies out of the books”, and I thought of Tony Shalhoub with a ‘tache.

    If you think he’s too old (or if producers think he’s not sehksay enough), then I’d say Gerard Butler (but I reckon I’m a little biased there, as I’d like Gerard Butler to appear in every movie, no matter what they’re about…). He’s already portayed Attila, Leonidas and Beowulf – so why not a Turkish eunuch detective (with a thick Scottish accent)? 🙂


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