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  1. Cem Girit

    I love reading your books. Lately I am interested in cooking traditional Turkish dishes. I realized when I read Yashim’s latest adventure I can get his recipes from your site. I downloaded the iPod version to my MacPro to read with iTunes. No success. It is not possible to read iBooks on a PC or Mac using iTunes, and I do not want to put this file to my iPod. I cannot possibly read his recipes in a tiny screen. Is it possible just to provide a pdf version? It is not a fancy format maybe but it is universal. I would even print them so that I can cook his delicious dishes by reading the recipe on a piece of paper. Yashim would have done so too.

    Tesekkurler. .

  2. Cem

    Hello Jason,

    Not everybody who reads your books have iPhone, iPad, Kindle etc. and even if it is free this document cannot be read in iTunes on a PC. So please supply it as a simple pdf or even text format so everybody who wants to use these delicious recipes can enjoy them. Thank you.

    1. thebellinicard Post author

      Dear Cem,

      Thanks for writing. I agree – it’s ridiculous to depend on e-gadgetry! Here’s my solution: over the next few days I’ll post those recipes here, one by one, for everyone to enjoy. Good idea!

      all best,



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