The Polish Ambassador

Stanislaw Palewski is the Polish ambassador in Istanbul, Yashim’s old friend. 

Here’s how he appeared in The Janissary Tree:

Yashim and Palewski were unlikely friends, but they were firm ones. ‘We are two halves, who together become whole, you and I,’ Palewski had once declared, after soaking up more vodka than would have been good for him were it not for the fact, which he sternly upheld, that only the bitter herb it contained could keep him sane and alive. ‘I am an ambassador without a country and you – a man without testicles.’ Yashim had pointed out that Palewski might, at a pinch, get his country back, but the Polish Ambassador had waved him away with a loud outbreak of sobs. ‘About as likely as you growing balls, I’m afraid. Never. Never. The bastards!’ Soon after that he had fallen asleep, and Yashim had employed a porter to carry him home on his back…

My children found this image on the net: I think it could be him.

What do you think?

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