Guilt, Overload, and New Year resolutions

Can you blog and write a novel at the same time? Not me. Maybe it’s having four children underfoot (and in the car, and hungry for meals, or help with homework – ie chased upstairs to do some) not to mention the geese, the hens and the ducks…
Meantime I’m dotting the i’s on An Evil Eye, the fourth of the Yashim tales. It is set in Istanbul in 1839, and the action moves between the Princes’ Islands and the sultan’s harem, with a few excursions, as Summer turns to Winter snows.
Apart from the ordinary resolutions, no sooner made than broken, I intend to redesign the blog, or to re-animate the website, or both. Good idea or what?
Happy New Year to you all!

0 thoughts on “Guilt, Overload, and New Year resolutions

  1. Philippa

    Glad to hear your putting more of a foot in the digital water. I am looking forward to Yashim’s next outing – meantime a smidge or two of blogging would be good. You could have your blog on your website and give both a bit of a spring clean.
    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  2. Joe

    Good to know that the next Yashim will be forthcoming. All the best to you and yours for a great 2011 with nary a word blockage.

  3. Nicanor Gómez Villegas

    Dear Jason,
    I’m an ex spanish byzantinist utterly fond of your books (Lords of the Horizons, On foot to the Golden Horn, A time for Tea, and, of course -for the moment- the Yashin’s trilogy). I’m obsessed for a long time with the concept/archetip of the janissarie. I’m sending to you a very short article I wrote about this matter. I hope you can read Spanish.

    Thanks for the pleasure you litterature is giving to me. Regards.


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